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How Emotions And Thoughts Can Affect Your Goals

Emotions and thoughts aren’t just about the mind.  For the past twenty years or so, scientists have developed a vast body of work that proves that our emotions and thoughts can influence our physical bodies and health. It’s common knowledge that stress, negative emotions, and bad thought patterns can lead to many physical ailments. Since companies lose many billions of dollars due to employees who are taken ill, the physical effects of mental states is a key concern for managers and employers. More simply, if negative emotions or thoughts lead to ill health it can also affect the way that you feel and the way that you deal with the goals that you have set for yourself.

Studies have repeatedly revealed that negative thoughts and negative emotional states (such as anger or resentment) can lead to very real physical effects that may well result in serious long-term illnesses. Some conditions, such as ulcers and some heart problems are in fact directly linked to some poor emotional states. Excessive stress, worries, and anxiety can put a strain on your entire system. Actually, research has shown that stress, anxiety, nervousness, anger, and brooding may result in a number of very real physical problems, including insomnia, loss of appetite and subsequent loss of weight, shakiness, dry mouth syndrome, heart palpations, heart pains, chest pains, headaches, sore muscles, cramps, stomach upset, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, and a whole lot of other ills. More obviously, what goes through your mind is crucial to how you manage the goals in your life.

It’s not just your emotions and moods, but also your thoughts that are able to affect your goals. Whether your thoughts are positive or negative can actually influence how you lead your life. Positive thoughts have been very strongly linked to achieving one’s goals. People with a more positive attitude strive more often to achieve their goals.

Positive thoughts, especially thoughts like “I can do this”, can be more likely to relax you and give you the personal incentive that you need to be successful and reach your goals. Affirmations have also long been considered a very effective way of generating a positive attitude. The idea is to repeat, in a very positive tone of voice and with a high degree of conviction and positive emotion, statements like “I am working towards my goals every day”. The idea is to actually use positive statements which are in the present.

Affirmations work even better when you use visualization. If you picture yourself attaining your affirmation, as well as saying them, you will then even further convince your mind of the truth of the statement, and so you will produce positive thoughts and actions in your life and in the process of setting your goals.

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